Drunken iPhoneography

Maybe I’m crazy, but I totally love the photos I take when I’m drunk. I feel like I have a bit of a different eye after a couple Malibu & Cherry Cokes, more abstract maybe? Or maybe it’s that I give images a chance that I would have ignored while sober?

Of course it could just be that I tend to forget about anything I shoot when I’m drunk so it’s a pleasant surprise the next morning… which nicely counteracts the UNpleasant surprises I’ve woken up to.

These were taken in Helix Oregon, a little nothing of a town with a kickass little rodeo held over Memorial Day Weekend. I drive five hours to shoot it every year AND IT’S WORTH IT. After the rodeo they have a band in the beer garden. After drinking a couple pink something or others that tasted like fruit something, I decided that I needed to do some photographies…

I’ve always loved the contrast of rolling fields & sky ❤

It bothers me that this isn’t straight lol I’m sure it looked level at the time.

This is the Raper Van. Thats a whole ‘nother post altogether.

Bless you Hipstamatic for being there when wielding my full camera rig would be a bad idea.

Have any of my 2.5 readers ever tried shooting when drunk? Any decent results? Do share!

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3 thoughts on “Drunken iPhoneography

  1. Wow some else that says Shittake, how cool! Thanks for checking out artisticfamilia.

  2. If those are shiitake mushrooms in your yard, they are a gourmet edible and should not be destroyed. DO NOT APPLY CHEMICALS TO YOU LAWN AREA! NEVER! VERY BAD FOR THE PLANET. Sounds like you have lots of shade, so get rid of the lawn all together and plant shade loving plants.

    Invite your local farm/extension agent to come and identify these fungi and if they are edible, eat them. Educate yourself and your neighbors! Consult Joy of Cooking and see more about mushrooms. ALWAYS IDENTIFY WILD MUSHROOMS BEFORE CONSUMING AS COOKING DOES NOT DESTROY TOXINS.

  3. canoncowgirl says:

    Nooo they werent shiitake unfortunately, that would have been a much more pleasant surprise than the psilocybes they were IDed as. I’m in the northwest so magic mushrooms pop up in lawns etc occasionally (or so i’ve learned!).That post was actually something I wrote a while ago, I just ended up mowing over them (which probably just spread their spores further lol)

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