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I have an addiction

I have an addiction, but the first step is admitting that you have a problem right?

This is the result of my latest breakdown:

canon eos rebel xs film

chicken salt & pepper shakers checking out my new toy

Me: I bought a camera!

Super Sexy Boyfriend Luke: Don’t you have, like, 50?

Me: Yes, but this one is different.

Super Sexy Boyfriend Luke: There is a word used to describe behavior like this, and I think it has “phile” at the end of it.

Me: Or possibly “aholic”.

But it IS different! While I do have 4 other SLRs they all have their own purpose. My current collection (of SLRs at least):

Pentax K1000 – my first SLR. 100% manual, and then even a little more because the meter stopped working :-p It mostly just holds a place in my heart (and on the shelf)

Pentax ZX-5n – my next SLR that I bought because I could use the really fancy JC Penny’s lenses that came with the K1000. AND it had auto advance. I was pimpin. I don’t think it’s been used since I got the next camera on my list…

Canon 20D – my first dSLR! After quite a few years of hard service it’s mostly retired because the AF quit. Though right now it’s on vacation in Japan with my sister & her husband who are artsy enough that they’re cool with that. (it’s kinda retro, ya know?)

Canon 1D– yes, just a 1D no other fancy letters. This is my current workhorse (don’t die of shock), however, it’s an old timer and has started to ask for retirement…several years ago. I’ve told it when it earns me a 5D mkIII it can go into semi-retirement (I’ll keep it around as a backup), but no sooner.

Canon Rebel XS film– The newcomer! I picked it up for all of $10 at Goodwill.  All it needed was a set of batteries, which unfortunately cost $20 :-p It’s film, but since it’s in the EOS family, I can use all my current Canon lenses (except for the kit lens that came with the 20D but I don’t admit to using that one).

So from that list it’s pretty obvious why I need 5 different SLRs…I think.

I’m pretty sure that’s all the SLRs I need for now. Any other vintage/antique/toy camera is another story entirely however.

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What have I agreed to??

When my aunt asked if I would be interested in joining her networking group, every fiber in my body said no, but for some reason, my mouth said yes. My mouth said yes because the photography phone has not been ringing like I would like it to and the idea of a bunch of strangers feeling obligated to refer people to me and/or use my services themselves sounds alright to me. Every other fiber of my body said no because I’m a complete introvert and networking meetings are what I imagine hell to be like. I went to one once and spent most of the time hiding in the bathroom.

Is 11am too early to start drinking? Because I don’t have a prescription for valium or xanax or any of that good stuff and I’m thinking it would definitely help. Also does anyone have any valium or xanax they’d like to share? Kidding… Sort of.

I’ve decided I should definitely practice my elevator speech so I don’t mess it up when I get there. Here’s what I have so far:

Hello, I’m Liz. I shoot people. Maybe you could be next. Thank you.

That’s just a rough draft, I’m open to suggestions.


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Drunken iPhoneography

Maybe I’m crazy, but I totally love the photos I take when I’m drunk. I feel like I have a bit of a different eye after a couple Malibu & Cherry Cokes, more abstract maybe? Or maybe it’s that I give images a chance that I would have ignored while sober?

Of course it could just be that I tend to forget about anything I shoot when I’m drunk so it’s a pleasant surprise the next morning… which nicely counteracts the UNpleasant surprises I’ve woken up to.

These were taken in Helix Oregon, a little nothing of a town with a kickass little rodeo held over Memorial Day Weekend. I drive five hours to shoot it every year AND IT’S WORTH IT. After the rodeo they have a band in the beer garden. After drinking a couple pink something or others that tasted like fruit something, I decided that I needed to do some photographies…

I’ve always loved the contrast of rolling fields & sky ❤

It bothers me that this isn’t straight lol I’m sure it looked level at the time.

This is the Raper Van. Thats a whole ‘nother post altogether.

Bless you Hipstamatic for being there when wielding my full camera rig would be a bad idea.

Have any of my 2.5 readers ever tried shooting when drunk? Any decent results? Do share!

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