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WTF Acronyms

The internet is full of  acronyms such as OMG WTF, which, coincidentally enough, is what what I say after seeing some of those acronyms. As nice as it is to shorten up phrases you’re using all the time, there really should be rules for making these things up, like, they can’t already be widely in use with a different meaning. Because when acronyms have multiple meanings, it gets awkward.

That being said, here’s a couple acronyms I’ve seen that you will NEVER see on this blog (at least, not used like that):

AF (aunt flow aka your PERIOD)- as a photographer this means Auto Focus and it always will. Even my lens agrees with it’s little af/mf button. I see woman writing about the problems they’re having with their “AF” and I’m like “JESUS CHRIST…my lens has never done that!!” If at any point your lens produces THAT kind of spotting, you probably should call the repair shop…or an exorcist.

STD (save the date)- this is a wedding term that should never ever be used. It makes me want to slap someone. If you don’t know what an STD actually is you aren’t ready to be married. Also you’ve probably never left the house. Save The Date cards are typically really cute and fun, can we not use an acronym that brings to mind itching and burning during urination (at best!)?

“OMG I just got Lindsay’s STD! I’m just itching for the wedding!”

DH (dearest/darling husband)- No. Just no. I get that ladies out there may not be as sports savvy as some, so let me explain: DH is Designated Hitter. It’s a baseball term. It has been for about five trillion years. If you ask your husband if he’s your DH he’ll probably give you a look that is partially terrified and partially confused…unless you’re the type that has a safe word in the bedroom, and then he’ll probably be like “I’ll get the paddle!!”

So please, for the love of god, if you all could come up with some alternate acronyms that would be awesome. If not for me, for the sake of your designated hitter.

What are some internet acronyms that make you want to stab someone with a fork?


PS: I use OpenOffice which tries to autofill longer words. Apparently I forgot to put a space when I typed “your PERIOD” which it immediately learned. So now every time I write “you” it’s like “Do you mean ‘yourPERIOD’??”. No OpenOffice. Just…no.

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Why you probably shouldn’t read this blog

This is about my fifth or sixth attempt to start a blog which is a pretty good reason to stop reading right there. Cowgirl isn’t always the most consistent ….and sometimes she refers to herself in the third person as “cowgirl”. Who does that?

My business is mediocre, despite being an awesome photographer if I do say so myself (and I do say so!).

Because of that mediocre business, I live at home. Most certainly not because I want to, but because landlords are pretty particular about wanting for you to PAY rent. Picky picky. So you can probably add loser to the list :-/

I curse. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes I even say fuck. Just like that

Also “bat-shit crazy” and “ass hat”. And “douche canoe” thats a good one. You probably shouldn’t expose your virgin ears to such a thing.

But I’m starting this damn thing anyway, even if you probably shouldn’t read it, even if I hide it from the people who know me for a while, because I feel like I have stories to tell. Stories that might entertain others because they’re funny or interesting or even just flat out nuts. And who knows, maybe I can even find other swearing losers who refer to themselves in the third person who can relate.

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