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iPhone Withdrawal

Well I’ve gone and done it this time. After a good two years of abuse, my iphone 4 took a relatively harmless looking plunge off of my desk and it broke the lcd.

Yah. That.

It’s only been a couple of days and I’m already getting twitchy without it! The screen sorta kinda works, but everything is inside out and backwards and it gives me a headache to look at. Am I still using it? Hell yah!

I’ve decided, partially because I’m batshit crazy, but mostly because I’m cheap broke , to do the repair myself. This handy video has some good instructions:

Too long; didn’t watch: You have to disassemble the whole fucking phone. Seriously.

I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty though, in the not so distant past I decided to rebuild the carburator on my old truck…on the kitchen table. My mother was not blessed.

I ordered this really awesome tool kit with tiny screwdrivers and prying tools and a suction cup and some other things that look like guitar pics (they probably are actually). After they shipped the kit I get an email saying “oh by the way, there are some shipping issues we already knew about and it’s going to take like two weeks longer to get to you than we originally said. Is that alright?”. Is me paying in monopoly money alright?  These people are selling kits to fix a smashed to heck iphone, I feel like they should realize their customers are flipping desperate phone junkies who are going through withdrawals. Asking them to wait TWO WEEKS for the kit to repair their precious might as well be asking for an eternity.

So I’ll just have to use my own tiny screwdrivers and guitar pics and find my own gentle prying device…because  the replacement screen & lcd are out for delivery RIGHT. NOW.

Wish me luck…I think I’ll be needing it.

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